Warm Glass Molds

Draping Molds
Slumpy's is proud to provide durable, long lasting, high quality stainless
Glass Slump Molds
The largest warm glass slumping mold selection worldwide.
Fusing Molds
These molds are used by pouring frit into the mold and firing the glass to a Full Fuse temperature.
Pot Melt
Pot melts are a great way to turn all that scrap glass laying around into s
Studio Molds
These Ceramic Molds feature a single wall that is thick and durable against
Belmont Molds
These Ceramic Molds have double-sided walls to create air flow and heavy cl
Drop Out Molds
Using Drop Out Molds are easy and you can do it. Use our wide selection of
Casting and Forming
These glass casting molds are the vessels for molten glass, fusible glass,
Collections & Sets
Looking for a warm glass mold collection set? Check out our Collection art