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Bowl Display Stands
These Bowl Display Stands are great for diplaying short wide glass pieces.
Drop Out Stands
These stands work well with any round bottomed pieces. From bowls to drop o
Iron Swirl Easels
A graceful approach to showing off your newest glass art creation.
Scroll Easels
This display stand is bold yet elegant. Perfect for anyone trying to make a
Simple Display Stands
Simple is good - especially at these prices. These stands are simply perfect.
Sleigh Easel
Our Sleigh Easels are a wonderful plate holder with a unique shape and just
Sleigh Stands
This charming iron stand is great to display your glass art with. Works esp
Decorate your fridge with your own creations. They're great for gifts and t
Stainless Steel Glass Hangers w/ Hardware
Slumpy's is now providing hardware to mount your finished glass art. Each h
Knob Backs
Great aluminum knob accessories for use with fused glass pieces.
Small Iron Swirl Easel
Our Small Iron Swirl Easel is awesome for holding your small art glass work
Acrylic Bowl Easel
These Clear Acrylic Bowl Easels are made specifically for displaying your d
Acrylic Rod Easel
These crystal clear rod easels are perfect to showcase your fused glass
Acrylic Display Easel
These crystal clear acrylic easels are perfect to showcase your fused glass
Acrylic Wall Easel
These Clear Acrylic Wall Easels are perfect for mounting your fused glass p
Invisible Plate Hanger
The Invisible answer to ugly plate wires. No clips or hooks.
Round Glass Display Stand
Display your fused glass in this minimal iron stand.
Artistry Avenue
Create unique items for your homes decor.
Design a Clock
Design a Clock with these versatile clock arms. Simply drill a hole into yo